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Concierge Medicine

Ensure your wellness success with meaningful and collaborative care with your Provider

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StayWell Health Screenings

Determine your immediate cardiac health and gain knowledge to make the best informed decisions.

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StayWell Aesthetics

Health and beauty that radiates from within.

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Genetic Testing with Ambry Genetics

Take action on your health care with Ambry Genetics.

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StayWell HRT Pellets

Tailor-made dosing just for you to maintain perfect hormonal balance.

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Collagen generation to enhance Women’s Wellness.

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Hormonal Testing with ZRT Lab

Discover the vital balance needed to improve your path to healthy living.

Areas of Specialty

Internal Medicine

Over 25 years of experience in providing skilled scientific knowledge and clinical expertise in the comprehensive management, prevention, and treatment of your health and wellness concerns and diseases.

Anti-Aging and Functional Medicine

Providing a collaborative approach to your health concerns and goals that focuses on identifying and addressing the root cause while jointly emphasizing in holistic methods to slow down the aging process and create balance.

Preventative and Proactive Medicine

Protecting, promoting, and maintaining health and well-being by motivating you to be proactive with your health goals.

Adult and Geriatric Medicine

Extensive proficiency and broad knowledge in diagnosing, treating, and preventing your natural aging process to maintain your independence and to stay in control and overcome your health challenges.

Diagnostic Services

Using our in-house and convenient diagnostic imaging to effectively plan forward-thinking treatment solutions and help you proactively keep in charge of your health.

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