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Address:  4144 N Central Expwy Suite 450 Dallas, Texas 75204


Phone: 972.482.2067

Fax: 214.821.3661


Monday-Friday: 9A-4P

After Hours (Members Only)

Explore the benefits of our Concierge Medicine Program with a complimentary Inquiry Visit or Virtual Meeting

What do you get when contacting StayWellMD?

  • Learn how the StayWellMD Concierge Medicine Program is the best investment for your choices and health goals

  • Less than a 24-hour response to your questions

  • Thoroughness and expertise of our staff

  • Gain exclusive access to the collaborative care you deserve

Let's Start Your Wellness Success with StayWellMD


Congratulations on beginning your Wellness Success with StayWellMD!

Thank you for your business, your trust, and your confidence. It is our pleasure to serve you and you will hear from us soon.


Next Steps:

  • Expect a less than 24-hour response to your question from our expert staff.

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  • Feel free to explore additional resources and services on our website.


What We Value

Providing Proactive and Preventative Health Care

to help you continue your most fulfilled and balanced lifestyle

Ensuring your Success Through Education and Healthy Goal Planning

so that you can learn the best options for you

Granting Private and Collaborative Access to our Members

so that StaywellMD is there when you need us most

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